Book Bingo!

Book Bingo


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Thanks for downloading your book bingo cards! You can use them for a book themed party, a book club, or for your personal reading with or without your kids. But please remember, these are for personal use only. Do not sell, copy, or distribute them to anyone else.

Most of the books I picked are popular, well known, and can be found at your local library. If you run across one that can’t be found at the library, feel free to substitute a different book.

There are two sides to the card. The front has the actual card, and the back has a list of all the books on the card. You can print it out front-to-back or one-sided, whichever you prefer.


How to Play:

It’s just like regular bingo.

1. Stick the bingo card in a visible spot, like the refrigerator.
2. Mark off the books you’ve already read.
3. Make a list of the books you haven’t read (the list on the back of the card should help).
4. Go to the library or the bookstore.
5. Read, read, read!
6. Don’t forget to have fun!