Katana at Super Hero High: A Samurai Super Hero Adventure

Book Review, Middle Grade
Katana at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee | Newest book in the Super Hero High series for middle grade readers | Best super hero books for girls to read | Books about superheroes for girls. | batchofbooks.com

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Are you keeping up on the DC SuperHero Girls series? The newest title in the series, Katana at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee came out on July 4th.

Fitting, don’t you think, to release a superhero book on the Fourth of July? 🎆

I read the book with my two older girls and they loooooved it!

They also nearly beat each other to a pulp, trying to be the one who got to hold the book in my photos. 😆

Beatings aside, all three of us enjoyed the newest addition to the Super Hero High series. We’ve read them all, and if you so desire, you can see our reviews for them here:

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What’s it About?

This book breaks from the mold set by the previous three in a few ways.

Katana is an existing student at Super Hero High, unlike the other books where the main characters were always new to the school. Also, Katana is from Japan; she’s a samurai and fights with a sword! How fun is that?!?

The book starts off with Katana missing and all the Supers looking for her. They find her deep in the labyrinthine tunnels under the school, mesmerized by a freak tidal wave carrying one hundred samurai swords. More strange things keep happening at Super Hero High, but a history project gives Katana the excuse she needs to dig up some old family secrets.


What We Thought of Katana at Super Hero High

Super Hero High Series by Lisa Yee | Wonder Woman at Super Hero High | Batgirl at Super Hero High | Supergirl at Super Hero High | Katana at Super Hero High | Books about superheroes for girls | Middle grade books about super heroes | Super Hero High books | batchofbooks.com

We loved this new addition to the DC SuperHero Girls series! My oldest daughter, Miss K, loves superheroes and samurais, so it was a perfect fit for her.

I liked that Katana deals with some different issues than the previous characters in the series. Her grandmother went missing a long time ago and Katana never learned what happened to her. Like the other Supers, she also deals with a lot of pressure to do well and be generally extraordinary.

In between rescue drills, friend drama, and fighting off the occasional bad guy, we enjoyed Katana’s journey into her family’s past. The mystery of her Onna (grandmother) and the odd items and creatures that keep showing up kept us interested and invested in Katana’s story.

If you’ve been reading this series, you’ll definitely want to add Katana at Super Hero High to your TBR. It’s a great addition to the series and another empowering book for girls (and boys) to read.


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    Christy LoveOfBooks
    July 8, 2017 at 3:16 am

    These are so cool! I don’t usually read stuff like this, but I reeeeally want these.

    • Reply
      Dena at Batch of Books
      July 8, 2017 at 8:28 pm

      You don’t read MG, or you don’t read superhero books? Either way, these are pretty fun. I’ve been reading them with my kids and we’ve all enjoyed them. Batgirl is my favorite!

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