10 Books About Heroes, Real and Fictional, for 8-12-Year-Olds

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10 Books About Heroes Real and Fictional for Your 8-12-Year-Old. Books for kids ages 8-12 about real-life heroes and superheroes.

My oldest daughter loves heroes and superheroes. Whether real or fictional, believable or fantastical, she seeks them out and reads all she can about them. She’s the girl that comes home with books about ancient Greek gods, almanacs, and graphic novels about superheroes.

Because of her interest in them, we’ve amassed a large batch of books about heroes. Here are the best ones on our shelves.


10 Books About Heroes Real and Fictional for Your 8-12-Year-Old. Books for kids ages 8-12 about real-life heroes and superheroes.


The Book of Heroines: Tales of History’s Gutsiest Gals by Stephanie Warren Drimmer

Book of Heroines: Tales of History's Gutsiest GalsFrom National Geographic Kids comes this incredible collection of stories about women from history and modern times that have shattered glass ceilings, challenged the status quo, and changed the world. My daughter read this book and she told me all about the women in it. She especially loved the stories about Emma Watson, Mulan, Annie Oakley, and Amelia Earhart.

This is a wonderful book if you’re looking to inspire your daughter or are simply looking for good books about strong women. It features everyone from Taylor Swift to Condoleezza Rice to Malala Yousafzai, plus women (real and legendary) from history. It’s a fascinating look at the role women have played in history, science, social issues, and education.

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The Book of Heroes: Tales of History’s Most Daring Dudes by Crispin Boyer

Book of Heroes Tales of History's Most Daring GuysAlso from National Geographic Kids and the companion book to The Book About Heroines, this book delves into the lives of famous men throughout history. Of course, not just any famous men, but the men who set aside their fears, chased their dreams, and broke the mold. In this book, you’ll find the expected heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. and George Washington. You’ll also see less familiar heroes like Dr. Kent Brantly who contracted Ebola while working in West Africa and became the first human to test the drug ZMapp, which saved his life. There are even heroes you might not think of as heroes, like John Lennon and Spartacus.

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DC Super Hero Girls series by Lisa Yee

I’m sure you’ve seen this series around, seen the toys, or let your kids play with the toys. My kids and I read the first three books in the series, and we plan on continuing once Katana’s book comes out in July. For a house full of superhero obsessed girls, this series is a must!

Wonder Woman Super Hero High #mglit | batchofbooks.com  Super Girl at Super Hero High, DC Super Hero Girls Series #mglit | batchofbooks.com  Batgirl at Super Hero High Cover  Katana at Super Hero High

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High (my review)

Supergirl at Super Hero High (my review)

Batgirl at Super Hero High (my review)

Katana at Super Hero High


Big Book of Superheroes by Bart King, illustrated by Greg Paprocki

Big Book of Superheroes by Bart KingI won this book in a giveaway for my oldest daughter who happens to LOVE superheroes. She was a little too young when I won it, but she read the whole thing cover to cover a few weeks ago. It’s a hilarious and practical guide to becoming a superhero. Of course, you shouldn’t take any of the advice seriously or you might end up hurting yourself. But for my little superhero fan, it was the perfect book to fuel her fantasies and make her laugh.

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HiLo series by Judd Winick

This action-packed, hilariously funny graphic novel series is about a supernatural boy that falls out of the sky. My kids love the HiLo series and always ask to get them from the library. There are three books in this series and they’re definitely worth getting for your kids. They’ll love them!


HiLo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth (My Review)

HiLo Book 2: Saving the Whole Wide World

HiLo Book 3: The Great Big Boom


These are the best books about superheroes and everyday heroes on our shelves. What are your favorite books about heroes? Let me know in the comments!



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    Alyssa Susanna (The Eater of Books!)
    May 27, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Oh wow, this is really cool! It has been a long time since I’ve thought about reading a Middle Grade book, even though I’m not *terribly* far away from the Middle Grade age range.The D.C. Superhero Girls series looks especially great!

    Fantastic post, Dena! Have a wonderful weekend. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    • Reply
      Dena at Batch of Books
      May 29, 2017 at 2:12 pm

      I love Middle Grade! And I’m *very* far away from the age range. 😉 The D.C. Superhero Girls series is wonderful! I love seeing superhero books targeted specifically to girls. Happy Memorial Day!

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    Jess@Fairday's Blog
    May 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    I have heard that Hilo is an awesome series. I love graphic novels, so I look forward to reading the series. Thanks for sharing! Lots of great reads. 🙂

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