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Teach your child to read 55 words with ABC See, Hear, Do by Stefanie Hohl

ABC See, Hear, Do by Stefanie Hohl is the #1 new release in Early Childhood Education on Amazon!  Keep reading for insights on how to help your child succeed at reading, our thoughts on Stefanie’s book, and a giveaway!

Teach your child to read 55 words with ABC See, Hear, Do by Stefanie Hohl


Q & A with Stefanie Hohl

Stefanie Hohl, author of ABC See Hear Do: Learn to Read 55 Words.Q. What inspired you to write a book that teaches preschoolers how to read?

A. I have five kids between the ages of four and twelve, and I taught them all how to read. I have used almost every “Learn to Read” book on the market. Some of them worked well for some of my kids, and some of them did not. However, even when the books worked, I always felt like there must be a simpler, more engaging way to teach kids to read.

My fourth child was in a preschool co-op where parents took turns helping the teacher. The teacher used a method of teaching letter sounds in which the kids learned hand motions. My son learned his letter sounds very quickly, and I thought it was a genius way to teach pre-reading. I looked for a picture book that used this method and couldn’t find anything. As it was getting close to the time to teach my fifth child to read, I decided it was time to write my own picture book, one that incorporated hand motions to teach sounds. The method not only taught my son sounds and beginning reading in a matter of weeks, but he loved it. So I wanted to share my book with other parents.

Q. As a parent, what is the best thing I can do to help my child read?

A. The number one best thing to do is to read to them every day. Helping your child develop a love for reading books is by far the best way to get them interested in wanting to read.

Q. Do you have any advice for parents who want to teach their preschooler to read?

A. Often when we are teaching kids the alphabet, we only teach the letter names. Instead, focus on teaching the letter sounds whenever possible. Point out letters and say their sounds throughout the day. Just small snippets of time here and there every day can go a long way. Remember, each child is different, so go at their pace. I made the mistake with my oldest child of forcing her to learn to read at my pace, not hers, and she ended up disliking reading for a long time. I think keeping it brief and making it fun and engaging is key.

Q. Do you have any hidden talents?

A. Haha, like being able to touch my nose with my tongue? Sadly, no. I can do a flip on the trampoline, a hockey stop on ice skates, and I bake a mean pan of brownies (from a box).

Q. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A. Oooh, good question. There are so many great superpowers, it’s hard to decide. At first, I’m tempted to say something like flying or becoming invisible. But when it really comes down to it, there’s really only one superpower I truly want – the ability to wiggle my nose and have a fresh-cooked meal on the table. What? That’s not a superpower? It should be.

Q. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

A. My all-time favorite ice cream is White Raspberry Truffle from Bruster’s (a local ice cream shop). It’s a vanilla base with a raspberry swirl and dark chocolate chunks in it. It is amazingly delicious. I should probably go eat some right now.


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About the Book

ABC See Hear Do by Stefanie Hohl. Picture book that teaches your kid how to read.ABC See, Hear, Do by Stefanie Hohl

ABC See, Hear, Do: Learn to Read 55 Words teaches letter sounds and early reading skills. This exciting new method of teaching reading combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to help increase phonemic awareness. The combination of fun animal pictures with hand motions helps young children easily remember each letter sound. After learning only four letter sounds, your child will start blending words together. It is simple and effective. Best for ages 2-6.


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Hilary’s Review of ABC See, Hear, Do

I loved the author’s idea of using pictures, sounds and hand motions to help children remember the sounds we use in our language. It is so interesting that after learning just a few sounds and blending them into words, a child has a widened vocabulary of over 50 words!

I especially loved that the author encourages parents to start with sounds, and when the child is ready they will blend the sounds into words. She understands that learning is different for each child, but can be fun and educational at the same time.

One thing I feel could be improved was that some of the hand motions used with the sounds seemed inconsistent with the sound of the letter or with the animal. But overall, it was an easy and fun read!

I would recommend this book to parents with children learning to read and will definitely use this method with my own child!

Source: I received a digital copy of this book from the author.

4 stars


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