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The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett. Middle grade novel about two boys who travel through time to rescue a pet dinosaur.

The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett. Middle grade novel about two boys who travel through time to rescue a pet dinosaur.*Sponsored post.

The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett

Age range: 10-14 | Paperback: 250 pages | Publisher: Vanguard Press (September 29, 2016)


About the Book

Charlie Daniels is more than six feet tall, allergic to almost everything, and has a pet dinosaur at home. His life in Arizona is relatively normal. That is, apart from the nightmares Charlie has…

But when his dinosaur, Trike, gets kidnapped by a strange old lady and her cat-like sidekick, Charlie and his misfit friend Arty are sucked into a story bigger than both of them. Risking everything to rescue Trike, Charlie and Arty are flung into the past, landing in the chaos of New York City, 1865.

Dodging the mysterious Nasten Cobblestine, and avoiding the perils of New York’s nastiest street cleaners’ strikes, test Charlie’s wits as well as his courage. All he wants to do is reunite with his dinosaur and somehow find a way back home…

As Charlie searches for Trike, he draws dangerously close to P.T. Barnum’s eerie museum and the creature that lies within. Will he find Trike and get home alive? And who is the Ice Lady of his nightmares?


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My Tangled Thoughts on The Guttersnipes

I have mixed feelings about this book. It’s an interesting story and I really liked the time travel, the pet dinosaur, and the adventure. Some parts got confusing, but overall, it was a good read.

It’s a middle-grade novel about a boy named Charlie Daniels, who is freakishly tall and allergic to everything. The story starts in 1982 Arizona. Charlie has a pet dinosaur he keeps in his basement. Why he has a dinosaur and how he got it are not explained. But when Trike (the dinosaur) goes missing, Charlie and his friend Arty go looking for him and become the unintended victims of time travel. They find themselves in 1865 New York City and get mixed up in a mysterious and deadly plot.

Things I liked about the book:

  • It’s an interesting story. Pet dinosaurs? Yes, please. Strange beings and supernatural powers? Yes, again. Time travel? Yes, yes, yes!
  • There’s lots of action. With no shortage of fist fights, sword fights, strange creatures, riots, and other exciting activity, there’s no threat of boredom.
  • An open ending promises more to the story, which is good since I have a lot of questions. I also liked the way the ending wasn’t perfectly packaged with a nice little bow. It felt realistic in that some things got resolved and others didn’t.
  • The villain(s) were fantastic. Several people come into play, but the main villain of the story and his Arab warrior side-kick were scary, fascinating, and mysterious.

Things I didn’t like about the book:

  • Some parts of the book were choppy and confusing.
  • I couldn’t keep track of all the characters. Several of them blended together and I couldn’t remember who was who.
  • The age group for this book feels off. This read more like a young adult novel instead of middle-grade. I had to keep reminding myself that Charlie was twelve instead of seventeen.
  • There’s a lot of talk about God, Christianity, and religion, most often casting it in a negative light. At times it felt preachy and judgmental and it didn’t add anything to the story.
  • Lastly—and this is totally my weird nit-picky self—the editing needed work. There were missing periods, lone quotation marks, and the cover image wasn’t printed correctly so the spine leaked onto the front cover.

Obviously, I had mixed thoughts about the book. I like this author. I think he has potential and I’m interested to see what he comes up with next. I’m also interested to see how this story progresses (I’m assuming there will be more adventures with Charlie and Arty).

I would say this is a good cross-over book. Something for kids in the 10-14 age group who are too old for Magic Kitten but not ready for The Hunger Games.

Content: Violence, cruelty, and some mild language.

Source: The author sent me a copy of this book.


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    Stephanie@Fairday's Blog
    February 26, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    This definitely sounds like a unique book. A pet dinosaur- wow! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Reply
      Dena at Batch of Books
      February 27, 2017 at 1:12 pm

      It was certainly unique! That’s what I liked about it. I hadn’t read anything like it before.

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