Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals

Book Review, Middle Grade, Nonfiction
Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals by Animal Planet and Charles Ghigna. Nonfiction for kids ages 8-12 who like to read about animals and nature.

Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals

Age Range: 8 – 12 years | Grade Level: 3 – 7 | Hardcover: 128 pages | Publisher: Animal Planet (October 11, 2016)


About Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals

Animal Planet presents the ickiest, stickiest, blobbiest, and oddest animals in the world!

Did you know that an archerfish can spit water up to 16 feet? Or that the giant weta is the world’s largest and heaviest insect? Animal Planet’s fascinating exploration of animal oddities introduces young animal lovers to some of the most astonishing, gorgeous, and obscure animals in the world—including some brand new discoveries! Packed with more than 200 vibrant photographs and fun facts about animals with unusual behaviors, strange appearances, and remarkable stats, this deluxe gift book is perfect for reluctant readers or anyone who loves totally gross and amazing animals.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of books in the Animal Bites series benefits the principal partners of R.O.A.R. (Reach Out. Act. Respond.), Animal Planet’s initiative dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our communities and in the wild.


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Extra Freebies

Download these fun freebies for your kids to try out. There’s a quiz and a cootie catcher, which is like an origami fortune teller, just with crazy animals inside the flaps. Just click on the links and download the PDFs.

Animal Trivia Quiz

Cootie Catcher


My Thoughts on Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals

Why are weird animals so interesting? My kids love this book. They’be been reading it together ever since we got it. They keep trying to read it at night until I notice their light is on and make them go to sleep.

This book is full of some seriously strange animals. You might recognize a few of them, but everything in it is unusual, weird, or gross in some way. My kids love learning about the different animals that exist in the world and telling me all about it.

Personally, I love books like this because it gives my kids something to bond over, learn from, and enjoy. I have a dedicated nonfiction section on their bookshelf and it is the most used section. This book fits in nicely with the rest of their collection.

If your kids like to learn about animals, or if they like gross or weird animals, then Strange Unusual Gross and Cool Animals is a great book to have on your shelf. It has big, bright pictures and lots of facts about the animals.

Content: clean

Source: Blue Slip Media


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