Fab Black Friday Deals from Book of the Month

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Book of the Month Holiday deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday gift deals for bookworms.

Book of the Month Black Friday Deals. Cyber Monday deals. Christmas and gift giving ideas for bookworms.

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By now you’re aware that I’m in love with Book of the Month Club. Every month, I pace around my front yard so I can pounce on Matt (my mailman and I are on a first-name basis, don’t judge) and gleefully tear open my BOTM box.

Why do I love it so much?

  1. It’s less expensive than other book club boxes.
  2. I choose which book to receive each month.
  3. If I’m not interested in any of the books offered, I skip that month and my membership is extended.
  4. It’s like a mini-Christmas every month when my box comes.
  5. The book selection is awesome. I’ve never met a month when I didn’t want at least 3 of the books.
  6. I can add extra books to my box (and I do).


Let’s Get Real for a Second.

To be honest, my Book of the Month membership is 100% self-indulgence. This blog is about children’s books and young adult books. I spend my days taking care of children. My head would explode into sparkles and dinosaurs if I didn’t do something just for me.

My membership gives me the opportunity to see what’s happening in the world of grown-up books. To read about grown-up things and to think grown-up thoughts.

It helps me keep my sanity.

Well, what’s left of it.

I love my kids and I love their books, but at the end of the day, I want something that’s just for me. Something that I can connect with on an adult level.

Book of the Month gives me that.

The reason I’m telling you this is because maybe you know someone like me. Someone who spends their days surrounded by kids. Maybe you know someone who is lonely or shy or that is looking for a new hobby. Perhaps you know someone that likes to read but is constantly running out of books. *Raises hand*

If you know someone like that or you have someone on your list that never wants anything and is impossible to shop for, this is your answer.


Gift Options

❄ 3-Month Gift Membership: $44.97
❄ 6-Month Gift Membership: $83.94
❄ 12-Month Gift Membership: $143.88


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Book of the Month has some amazing deals happening over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ve listed them here so you can take full advantage. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Black Friday Special
Limited time #treatyourself offer:
Give a gift and get 50% off 3-month membership + a FREE book and tote
Valid November 25 – 27
Cyber Monday Special
50% off 3 months membership + a FREE book and tote
Valid 1-day only, Monday, November 28.
**The Cyber Monday Special is an AMAZING deal! It’s even better than the one I signed up with. After the 50% discount and the free book, each book is only $5.60. For a hardcover book! Plus you get a free tote, too. Not shabby at all.
But if you notice, it’s only good for one day. Set a reminder on your phone and snag this puppy on Monday, November 28! 

November Special
$5 for 1-month memberships


Book of the Month Holiday deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday gift deals for bookworms.

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