9 Cookbooks with Thanksgiving Recipes

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9 Cookbooks with Thanksgiving Recipes. Find everything you need to make a Thanksgiving feast in these cookbooks.

Without a doubt, Thanksgiving is the tastiest time of the year. As a transplanted Canadian, I get to celebrate two Thanksgivings, one in October and one in November. With all those reasons to celebrate, I find myself in need of a lot of recipes. Luckily, I have a mom that’s as addicted to cookbooks as I am and we swap recipes regularly.

The first Thanksgiving after I got married, my husband and I refused all offers from friends and family to join them for the holiday. We wanted to start our own traditions and felt like the best way to do that was without everyone else (I never said we were smart). Neither of us had cooked anything more complex than hamburger helper, so we called our moms to get recipes and advice, and made a complete disaster out of our holiday.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a few things since then, like celebrating with other people is WAY better than by yourself. Cookbooks come in handy too. This is a collection of cookbooks to help plan Thanksgiving and I wanted to share them with you. Some of these are already on my shelf and others are on my Amazon wishlist.

Happy feasting!

9 Cookbooks with Thanksgiving Recipes. Find everything you need to make a Thanksgiving feast in these cookbooks.


Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

This is one of the first cookbooks I ever got (an older edition than this) and it’s still one of my favorites. With over a thousand recipes inside, this massive cookbook has recipes for just about anything you can imagine. The newest edition even has a special holiday section with recipes to help make your celebrations even tastier.

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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays by Ree Drummond

With 19 recipes for Thanksgiving alone, this cookbook helps you get through any holiday. If you’re dying to have that homemade Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, this is your book. There are also sections to help you with every other celebration throughout the year. From small gatherings to large feasts, this book has you covered.

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Purely Pumpkin by Allison Day

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate autumn (or Thanksgiving) than by eating copious quantities of pumpkin. And who doesn’t love pumpkin? Mmmmmm, it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it. From pie and desserts to soups and drinks, this cookbook explores the delicious and nutritious value of pumpkin and all it’s versatility.

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How to Celebrate Everything by Jenny Rosenstrach

This book is chock full of recipes and traditions to make every celebration—from birthdays to national holidays—special. This is a New York Times Best Cookbook of Fall 2016. I’ve added it to my Amazon wishlist and can already taste the delicious celebrations we’ll be having. Yum!

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America’s Best Pies 2016-2017

What would Thanksgiving be without pie? Dinner, that’s what. Pie is so American I’m surprised it doesn’t sing the national anthem when you cut it open. Obviously, I love pie (who doesn’t?), and this is a cookbook I could get lost in for hours. America’s BEST pies? Yes, please!

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Art of the Pie by Kate McDermott

Since nobody can ever have too much pie, here’s another option. Learn how to make crusts, filling, and keep it simple while you do it. I could definitely go for some pie right about now. A big slice of whatever is on the cover of this book would hit the spot.

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Easy Sweet Potato and Yam Cookbook

I love me a good sweet potato. I buy them in bulk from Costco and relish in their yumminess for weeks. This short little number will give you all sorts of ideas on how to use your sweet potatoes. From simple stove top yams to sweet potato ice cream, you can eat yams until your eyes cross.

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Danielle Walker’s Against All Grains Celebrations

A full year’s worth of gluten free, dairy free, and paleo friendly recipes. I have friends with dietary restrictions and I know it can be extremely difficult to find good recipes when you can’t eat gluten or dairy. For those of you that need to prepare a gluten and dairy free Thanksgiving feast, this book is for you. Cook away!

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Spiralize and Thrive by Dalila Tarhuni

Depending on how ambitious you feel, a spiralizer can create something extra special for your Thanksgiving spread. Use a spiralizer to create gorgeous salads, coleslaw, and side dishes. Whether you’re going for a gluten free diet or just looking for something to make your dishes stand out, this book has lots of fresh ideas for using a spiralizer.

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