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This is My Dollhouse by Giselle Potter

This is My Dollhouse by Giselle Potter

This is My Dollhouse by Giselle Potter

Age Range: 4 – 8 years | Grade Level: Preschool – 3 | Hardcover: 40 pages | Publisher: Schwartz & Wade (May 10, 2016)

About This is My Dollhouse

A girl makes her own dollhouse in this picture book that celebrates creativity and imagination!

A little girl proudly walks the reader through her handmade dollhouse, pointing out the bricks she painted on the outside, the wallpaper she drew on the inside, the fancy clothes she made for her dolls, and the little elevator she made out of a paper cup. She’s proud of her house and has lots of fun using her imagination to play with it—until she discovers her friend Sophie’s “perfect” storebought house. Sophie thinks her house, with everything matching and even a toilet seat that goes up and down, is pretty perfect too, until both girls discover that the narrator’s handmade dollhouse is really a lot more fun.

“Celebrates the best of free play, capturing what it’s like to be fully engaged and inspired.” —The New York Times

“Readers will feel right at home with this cozy tribute to imagination.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred

“The realization that creative, outside-the-box artistry can be more inspiring than anything manufactured makes for a wonderful story.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred


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My Thoughts on This is My Dollhouse

A little girl makes her own dollhouse out of a cardboard box, along with almost everything in it. Her friend’s dollhouse is store bought and perfect. Even though it’s very pretty, it’s not very fun to play with. The girl worries about showing her friend her homemade dollhouse, but when she does, their imaginations come alive and they have a great time together.

I love the illustrations in this book. The artwork is one of the reasons I picked it up in the first place. the artist used a soft color palette and a unique style to depict the story. The pictures are perfect for the book.

I love this story. It’s about a girl who is embarrassed by her homemade doll house, but finds that her imagination is a beautiful thing – especially when she shares it. It’s a beautiful book that encourages kids to use innovation, friendship, and good old imagination to lose themselves in play.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher.


Art Project

My six year old daughter latched onto This is My Dollhouse like a rat on a bag of Cheetos. We read it so many times I aaaaaaaaalmost hid it from her in hopes that she would forget about it. However, she rarely gets so attached to a book, so I opted for behaving like an adult and didn’t hide it.

Why did she like it so much? Well, it’s right up her alley, for one thing. It’s about a girl and her beautiful imagination. Another reason is the instructions for building your own dollhouse printed on the inside of the dust jacket.


This is My Dollhouse building instructions


You can guess what immediately happened.


This is My Dollhouse with real dollhouse


That’s right. We took an old cardboard box (a Huggies box in this case) and turned it into a dollhouse. She spent hours, days, WEEKS working on it and decorating it. I gave her some markers, scrapbook paper, and glue and she went to town. She plays with it every day after school and on weekends. Right now, it’s full of toys, decorations, and thingamajigs that only she can identify.

Since my daughter already has a vivid imagination, this book served as fuel to a running engine. But if you read the book you will notice that imagination can be contagious. So even if your child isn’t playing make-believe all the time, this book might be good inspiration for them.

Try it. Get the book, build a dollhouse, and see what happens!

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