Subscription Boxes: Yay or Nay?

Subscription Box for Bookworms |

Subscription Box for Bookworms |

Subscription boxes seem to be taking over the world. Every time I turn around I see another subscription box service, and book boxes are wildly popular. This new way of acquiring books begs two questions:

  1. Is a subscription box worth it?
  2. Which one is best?


Is a Subscription Box Worth It?

Whether or not a subscription box will be worth the money is largely up to each individual, but here are some things to consider.

  1. Price: Most boxes are pretty expensive, with prices starting around $29.99 and going up from there. Some cost less, some more. It really depends on what you enjoy reading, how often you read, and if you value the extras that come in the box.
  2. Convenience: If you enjoy a wide range of reading material, don’t want to hunt down your next read, and like being surprised, a subscription service may be right for you. If you buy a lot of new books, it may not be the best choice since most boxes send out new releases.
  3. Extras: Many boxes (but not all) come with extras inside, which is why they cost so much. Extras can be anything from letters from the author and tote bags to jewelry and candy.


Which One is Best?

This is a harder question to answer. There are several book subscription services out there, and all have their benefits and drawbacks. I’ve looked into several, including Owlcrate, Uppercase, The Book Riot, and Book of the Month Club box. Personally, I wanted something that gave me value, flexibility, and simplicity.


Why I Chose Book of the Month Club:

Yes, I did eventually sign up for a book subscription box after months of mulling it over. Debating for months over spending a few $$ is not unusual for me. I still don’t own a pair of ankle boots (almost a year of indecision here), or a dining room table, for that matter (three years and counting). Instead, I stuff my entire family around a breakfast table the size of a quarter.

I finally settled on Book of the Month Club, and here’s why:

  1. Price: $14.99/month (with code APR50, I got 50% off the three month subscription)
  2. Value: No frills, no goodies, just a great book in the mail.
  3. Choice: I get my pick of five books each month. If I don’t like any of the choices, I can skip a month. Or, if there is more than one book I want, I can add the extras to my box for $9.99 each.
  4. Books offered: The Nest, by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney is one of the book choices this month. With my 50% off coupon (APR50), my three month subscription was only $22.50. Each book is only $7.50. I don’t know of anywhere else that you can get a new release hardcover book for that price.
  5. Grown up books: The vast majority of the books I read are for kids or teens. I like reading grown up books too, but I feel lost in that arena. This subscription box is my answer.

I chose The Nest as my book pick for the month, which is quickly becoming a bestseller. I can’t wait to read it! Here are all the book choices for April:

If you decide to sign up for Book of the Month Club, make sure you enter the code APR50 to get 50% off a three month subscription.


What About Children’s Books?

I found the same rules generally apply to children’s book subscription services, but I did find one that offered me good books at a reasonable price.

Lil’ Bear Book Club offers board book and picture book subscriptions. They have month-to-month plans as well as yearly plans. The cost varies depending on your plan, but it works out to be $15-18/month for 2-4 books in each box.

  1. Price: $15/month for the yearly subscription, $17 for month-to-month (use code MYBEAR for 10% off!)
  2. Value: Again, no frills or extras in this box. You get 3-4 board books or 2-4 picture books in each box, depending on the retail value of each book. It works out to be a pretty good deal for some quality books.
  3. Books offered: Unfortunately, they don’t let you choose which books you receive in the box. You get what they send you. But they do send some great books out. Here are some of the books they’ve sent out in the past.

Lil Bear Bookclub

Remember to use code MYBEAR for 10% off!


What do you think of subscription boxes? Would you ever sign up for one?

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