DIY Halloween Art: Make a Haunted House

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DIY Halloween Art

Get out your markers, because this simple art project is highly addictive! Trust me, you won’t be able to stop at just one. You can create an eerie, misty scene in just a few steps. Do it with your kids or by yourself, because this artwork is super easy to make and fun to do at any age. Here’s how to make your DIY Halloween art.


Halloween Crafts for Kids. DIY Halloween art projects to do with your kids. Free printable template and full tutorial.


How to Make Your Own DIY Halloween Art

Supplies needed:


Step 1:

Draw a silhouette on a piece of 8 x 10 paper. You can draw just about anything you want to, as long as you end up with a clean silhouette against an open sky.

DIY Halloween Art 1


Get a Template:

Not feeling ambitious? No problem! You can use my designs. Just right click on one of the photos below and save it to your computer. Print it out on a piece of white cardstock, and BAM! You’ve got your silhouette.

Haunted House Silhouette Owl Silhouette


Step 2:

Fill in the silhouette with a black marker. I used a Sharpie, which looks good on the finished piece, but I gave my kids washable markers (for obvious reasons). If you’re using one of my designs, feel free to add your own embellishments like some ghosts, a fence, or a black cat.

DIY Halloween Art 2


Step 3:

Cut out a circle for your moon and tape it in place. The tape will keep it from moving when you spray paint.

DIY Halloween Art 3

Step 4:

Now comes the fun part! Lay down some newspaper or plastic (or go outside) and place your picture in the middle. Make sure you cover any spots of your picture that you don’t want to get painted, then give your paint can a good shake and start spraying. You’ll want some areas to go a little darker and some to stay lighter. Spray it until you get a nice foggy look to your picture.

Haunted House Art


You’re done!

Take off your moon and other pieces of paper (if you have any). You’re finished your DIY Halloween art! Now just put your creation in a frame and show it off this Halloween.

My kids really liked the owl design we came up with, so here it is finished:

Owl Halloween Art

Tweet your DIY Halloween art to me! I’d love to see it! @denabooks

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