Moving to WordPress + Some Other Changes


Change can be a good thing, and in my case, a necessary thing.  Recently I’ve taken a step back from my blog and taken a long, hard look at what I’m doing — what works, and what doesn’t.  I’ve realized I need to change some things. Here’s what you’ll see different on my blog in the coming weeks and months:

1. I’m moving to WordPress

I started on Blogger because it was free, easy, and suited my needs at the time. Since then, it’s become necessary for me to have the versatility and power of WordPress, so I’m making the switch. My domain name will stay the same ( so please follow me on Bloglovin or on social media so you can stay updated.  

2. I’m cutting WAY back on reviews

Reviews are helpful for authors, but unfortunately, they aren’t cutting the mustard for me as a blogger anymore. I’ll still post reviews, but not as many as before.

3. I’m adding new features

I’ll be interviewing more authors and
illustrators, offering advice, reading tips, and general discussion
posts. I’ll be incorporating more of my artwork and creativity into my blog posts as well. 

4. I’m open for guest posting

That’s right!  I’ll be posting a list of suggested topics and opening my blog up to submissions.

5. I’m improving my Review Service

Until my baby was born, I was offering a review campaign service to authors.  I’m improving on my system, making it easier, safer, and less complicated.  

There will be some other changes as I get the bumps and kinks worked out, but those are the main ones.

So what do you think?  Are you making any changes in the near future?

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