Review Spotlight for Three Picture Books by Amelia Jay


Some of my reviewers read these nonfiction picture books from author Amelia Jay, and now the reviews have come in.  Here’s what readers are saying about these books.

Little Nikolai’s Travel Adventure: Mexican Carribean
See the other side of the world through “Little Nikolai’s Travel Adventure” book, for kids ages 6 & up. Explore the Caribbean part of Mexico and discover its culture and many fun things to do in this place. This educational book provides detailed descriptions suited for children. Little Nikolai explores the sea life creatures, ancient ruins, native culture and more. Let your children travel to the Mexican Caribbean with the help of Little Nikolai.

What Readers are Saying:

“A cute, informative short story.  This a a great book for children wanting to know more about Mexico.” – Angela

“The illustrations are very colorful and help add to the story appeal.” – Michelle

“This is a great little educational book on the Carribean. It covers parts of the history, things to do and see and has wonderful pictures too!” – Lori

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Little Nikolai’s Travel Adventure: Rome
Little Nikolai traveled to Rome to discover its wonderful city and glorious architecture. He discovers Roman culture and its importance to the world. Come and join Little Nikolai as he traveled to Rome and learn fun, amazing things about its culture, place and food.


What Readers are Saying:

“Things are worded in a way that children can easily understand, and there are opportunities to learn about new things.   I think children (and adults) of all ages would enjoy this book a lot, I know I did!” – Michelle

“A wonderfully informative book. It’s simple explanations will make it easy for younger children yet its informative enough for older children to find it interesting.” – Lori

“Helpful for a child writing an essay or doing a report on Rome.” – Kassady

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Lily’s Plant Family Rosaceae
Lily’s Plant Family Rosaceae encourages children to learn about plants. More specifically, plants are designated into families because of their shared traits, characteristics and morphologies from evolution. The Roses family is one of the most popular flowering plants in the world. This book will let kids discover several plants from the Rosaceae Family and determine some shared traits that make them belong in the group. Lily will show them how fun it is to learn about plants!

What Readers are Saying:

 “It is a good book for children who want to learn more about plants.” – Angela

“She included a glossary at the end for easy reference.” – Lori

“Cute book for children to learn about plants.” – D. L.

“Lily’s Plant Family is a quick and accessible resource for young children who want to learn more about plant life, particularly the Rosacae family.” – Mary

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