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Where I Would Go And What I Would Do if My Boots Were Magic

by Carolyn Evans
The message that we like for our readers to take away from the Maggie Malone series is that you don’t know what you don’t know, until you do. In other words, part of being human is to project our own ideas of what we think a person’s life must be like. For example, she’s a rich and famous pop star so her life must be easy and fun and exciting every single day. Of course, once Maggie spends a day in someone else’s shoes, a pop star’s or anyone else’s, she realizes that every life has highs and lows, fun aspects and difficult dilemmas.  I’m naturally curious about people—all people—I think most writers have this in common. But if I got my hands on The Mostly Magical Boots, I would probably spend a day in trying on a career option I turned down. I used to write a lot of songs, had my own band, made records and was asked to be the lead singer of a country band called Sugarland. My daughter was three years old at the time (she’s graduating from high school this month!) and I didn’t even consider taking the job. So I would probably body snatch Jennifer Nettles, the lead singer of Sugarland, for a day. I’ve never regretted my choice, but have definitely wondered what that life might have been like. I have an inordinate obsession with rock star buses so I would definitely pick a day when she was on the road—maybe far, far away like in Australia. I’ve heard the toilets flush backwards Down Under and I’d like to check that out for myself.

About the Authors:

Jenna McCarthy is a writer, speaker and aspiring drummer who has wanted magical boots since she learned to walk. She lives with her husband, daughters, dogs and cats in sunny Southern California.

Carolyn Evans is an author, speaker and singer/songwriter who once opened for Pat Benetar-you can ask your mom who that is. She loves traveling to faraway places but is just as happy at home with her husband and kids living by a river in South Carolina and dreaming up grand adventures for Maggie Malone.

About Maggie Malone Makes a Splash:

Age Range: 9 – 12 years

Grade Level: 4 – 7

Series: Maggie Malone (Book 3)

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (May 5, 2015)


Life isn’t always smooth sailing-even with magical boots! “A fanciful and fun read—where do we get a pair of those boots?” —Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk, authors of The Cupcake Club series

Maggie Malone wants to fit in at her new school, so she decides to join the swim team. Only her tryout is a complete flop (of the belly variety, to be exact). What Maggie needs is a little help – from her mostly magical boots!

What could be better than spending a day as Marina Tide, daughter of a famous oceanographer? So Maggie jumps into Marina’s shoes—er, flippers—for a day of sunbathing, ocean breezes and an adorable pet dolphin! But there’s a treasure-hunting traitor aboard her ship… and it’s up to Maggie to save the crew and the coral reef before her time runs out.

“This lighthearted contemporary fantasy will appeal to fans of Sarah Mlynowski’s “Whatever After” series and be a nice fit for readers graduating from the “Katie Kazoo” series by Nancy Krulik.” —School Library Journal

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