5 Books for Horse Loving Kids (and Adults)

I know I’m not the only horse nut out there, but (fortunately) I no longer want to turn INTO a horse.  That dream died along with my childhood. 

I did my best as a single gal to find a cowboy that would buy me a horse, but the man I married is not a cowboy (as much as he would like to argue the point).  He works in the tech industry.  So now I’m holding out for the day we can retire to a ranch in Montana.  He can be the cowboy he’s always wanted to be and I can have horses to moon over.

Since my girls are already horse lovers as well, I’ve collected some of my favorite horse books from when I was young so we can read them together. If you have a favorite horse book, let me know in the comments!  I’d love to check it out.

King of the Wind 

by Marguerite Henry

This is my favorite horse book of all time!  It’s about a young boy and his little Arabian stallion that runs faster than the wind. It’s a beautiful story and one that every horse lover needs to read.

Misty of Chincoteague 

by Marguerite Henry

From the same author as King of the Wind, this is another gem of a tale and one that I can’t wait to read with my girls.  I know they will be as enamored with Misty as I was/am.

The Black Stallion 

by Walter Farley

The thing I loved about The Black Stallion (I read it many, many times as a kid) was that it was as much about survival as it was about the relationship between a boy and the wild horse he manages to rescue from a sinking ship.  The stallion later saves the boys life, and the two develop an unbreakable bond.

The Island Stallion

by Walter Farley

Most people have heard about The Black Stallion, but far fewer people know about Walter Farley’s other series, The Island Stallion.  I liked this series just as much as The Black Stallion books.  I liked the setting and the main character.  I liked the way the boy and the fierce stallion formed an unlikely alliance and partnership.  It’s not a series to be missed. 

Black Beauty 

by Anna Sewell

No list of horse books would be complete without mentioning Black Beauty.  This is another book I read over and over as a child.  It was eye opening to see how horses were treated, what their owners demanded of them, and what was considered desirable.  This book not only solidified my love of horses, but also impressed upon me the importance of being kind to animals and treating them with respect.

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    Mippy Foofalina
    May 20, 2015 at 12:39 pm

    You wanted to turn *into* a horse? hahaha! WOW! You reeeeally love horses! I've always wanted a horse. My dream was to ride a horse bareback along the wet sand on the beach. Montana is beautiful, though. Good luck on your goal to get there! 🙂 *runs off & writes down all the horsey book titles* 😉

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