Weekly Update (1/26/15): What I’m Reading Now


I spent almost the entire weekend binge reading.  It was fabulous!  I wish I could do that every weekend. 🙂

What I read last week:

I finished up Mister Max and really enjoyed it.  I reread The Maze Runner, then gobbled up The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure.  What a wild ride!  Wow. 

What I’m currently reading:

My girls and I are about half way through Princess in Disguise and they love it!  My first grader asks for another chapter every night.  I just started Famous Phonies and it’s so much fun!  It’s really informative too.  I’m about 30% done with The Trouble with Magic.


What I’m Reading Next:

You can’t read the entire Maze Runner series and not read the prequel afterwards.  I plan to read The Kill Order as soon as possible.  I need to read The Fault in Our Stars for an article for Brightly.  I can’t believe I’ve never read this book before, but I’m excited to get to it now.  I’m also looking forward to The Secrets of Life and Death.

That’s it for me!  What are you reading?

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