Weekly Update (1/12/15): What I’m Reading Now


Things have gotten really busy for me lately, but I’ve still managed to get quite a bit of reading in.  Reading to my kids before bed has helped, and so has reading while I exercise.

Here’s what I’m reading.

What I read last week:

I finally finished reading The Year of Billy Miller to my kids.  Both of my kids loved the book and begged for more chapters every night.  I also finished The Witch’s Daughter.  I really liked it, but it definitely isn’t for everyone.  I plan on reading the next book, though.

What I’m currently reading:

Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things is fantastic!  I’m surprised how much I’m loving this book.  I’m also reading The Maze Runner series.  I’m on the first book, which I’ve read before, but I’ll move on to the other books soon.  I’m excited to see where this series goes.  My mom gave me Threads of Faith for Christmas and I’ve been reading it in little snatches here and there.  It’s fiction, but it reminds me a lot of one of my ancestor’s experiences. I’m reading Princess in Disguise to my girls before bed.  It’s a lot of fun!


What I’m Reading Next:

Red Queen comes out next month, so I want to get that read before it releases.  I still haven’t had the chance to read The Look of Love, but maybe one of these days if the mood strikes me, I’ll pick it up.

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What are you reading?

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    Tressa S
    January 16, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    My husband read the Maze Runner series and we're watching the movie tonight. I have the books and haven't read them, but am planning on it. I hope you like them. He said they're definitely page-turners. 🙂

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