Meet Glitterbelle: A New Character from Parragon Publishing


I have two daughters and another one on the way.  Can you blame me if I squealed like one of them when the Glitterbelle box showed up in the mail?  I’m so excited about this new line from Parragon Publishing!

Here’s some pics of my girls going through all their new Glitterbelle loot.  They were so excited when we opened the box and they saw all that purple goodness inside!  I was originally planning on doing a vlog to show off all the fun stuff in the box, but it turns out that I’m no good on camera. There was a lot of open-mouthed gaping and a lot of “Uhhh….”, but not much else. So you’re getting pictures instead.

One of my favorite things about this new series is the artwork. I know, I know, I say that a lot.  But I’m an artist!  I appreciate good art when I see it.

The artist actually hand crafted miniature sets, photographed them, then added the characters in later. The result is the unique blend of hand drawn illustrations and sculptures you see here:

But enough about my art obsession.  You are probably wondering what the books are like. I’ve included mini reviews on each of the new books below.  One is a story book and the others are activity books.  They are intended for girls ages 6+.  Enjoy!

Glitterbelle: The Sparkliest Princess Ever!

This is the only story book, but it’s a keeper!  Glitterbelle is your typical princess, except that she doesn’t like peas. She worries that she isn’t a true princess unless she likes peas.  Her family and friends help her realize that she doesn’t need to fit every stereotype in order to be a real princess.

Glitterbelle is a sweet, fun princess that modern girls can relate to.  She has good friends and a loving family.  My kids loved the book, especially my five year old.


Glitterbelle: Me and You

My girls call this little gem their “princess homework”.  Glitterbelle talks about herself, her friends, and her interests.  There are spaces for a child to fill out their own information and add pictures.  My seven year old has already started filling it in and reading it to me.

This book is a lot of fun for girls who are able to read and write.  It’s a little memory book that my daughter can work on all by herself.


Glitterbelle: Dazzling Dress-Up

This is a sticker book.  It has a bunch of pictures of Glitterbelle and her friends that kids can dress up with clothes and accessories.  It also came with a little nail file and some nail stickers.  The nail file wasn’t very high quality, but I was surprised by the nail stickers.  They worked really well and stayed on my kids’ nails for several days.

This book was perfect for my five year old.  She loves stickers, princesses, and fashion, so she has spent hours on end matching up outfits and accessorizing the characters.


Glitterbelle: Doodle, Dazzle, Create!

This is an activity book.  There is a story that flows through the book alongside activities where girls can cut, color, draw, and glue. There is also a little notebook in the front cover, which both my kids loved.

The activities are definitely for kids ages 6 and up that can work independently.  Some of the activities require some adult help, but most of them can be done without assistance. These are fun activities for any aspiring princess!


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