Review of Murder at Rudhall Manor by Anya Wylde


Murder at Rudhall Manor by Anya Wylde

Age Range: Adults and older teens

Series: None

Genre: Madcap mystery

Print Length: 224 pages

Publisher: Anya Wylde (June 15, 2014)

Source: Gifted from author

My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

About the Book:

A murder and a theft have been committed at Rudhall Manor. A box of
jewels has vanished and Lord Sedley, a lusty old aristocrat, has been
stabbed six times in the chest.

It is all very mysterious, and the Sedley family and the servants
have decided that Miss Lucy Anne Trotter, a recently employed governess,
is to blame for the unfortunate events.

The legendary and wickedly handsome Marquis, Lord William Adair, learns of the matter and decides to uncover the truth.

Lucy, however, has little faith in blue blooded creatures—even if
they possess dashing good looks— and, accompanied by two naughty pugs
and a moody raven, decides to investigate and unmask the killer herself.

But the hunt for the killer turns out to be far more complicated
than she anticipates—what with snooty servants, warts in odd places,
mixed up love affairs, agitated chickens and dreadful disguises ruining
her plans.

Soon she begins to wonder if, for once, she is in over her head….

My Thoughts:

Another wild and outrageous romp from Anya Wylde. Lucy is the governess
at Rudhall Manor and has been pegged with both a jewel theft and the
murder of the lusty old Lord of the manor. The servants band together
and the family refuses to accuse each other, so that leaves just one
suspect — Lucy.

Lucy has no faith in Lord Adair and all his perfection, even if he
always manages to find the culprit. So she must disguise herself as a
tree, hide under beds, and generally get herself into one disaster after
another while trying to find the culprit.

This book is a fun and ridiculous mystery adventure. It wasn’t as funny
as the author’s romances, but I enjoyed it. If you’ve never read one of
Anya’s books, I would suggest starting with Penelope and Seeking
Philbert Woodbead

Content: Innuendo

Source: The author gifted me a copy of the book.  I was not required to review it.


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