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We are most of the way through the FINISHING SCHOOL READ-ALONG hosted by Tressa @ Wishful Endings and I (Dena @ Batch of Books)! There is still time to join if you haven’t done so yet. The linky is at the bottom of this post and you can go to the official sign-up here. You don’t need to be a blogger to join, you just need someplace online that’s public to post updates for the linky, or just leave a comment on either of our blogs.

This week we read chapters 1-8 of Waistcoats and Weaponry.  I can’t believe how much I love this series!

Waistcoats and Weaponry:

Class is back in session…

Sophronia continues her second year at finishing school in style–with a steel-bladed fan secreted in the folds of her ball gown, of course. Such a fashionable choice of weapon comes in handy when Sophronia, her best friend Dimity, sweet sootie Soap, and the charming Lord Felix Mersey stowaway on a train to return their classmate Sidheag to her werewolf pack in Scotland. No one suspected what–or who–they would find aboard that suspiciously empty train. Sophronia uncovers a plot that threatens to throw all of London into chaos and she must decide where her loyalties lie, once and for all.

Gather your poison, steel tipped quill, and the rest of your school supplies and join Mademoiselle Geraldine’s proper young killing machines in the third rousing installment in the New York Times bestselling Finishing School Series by steampunk author, Gail Carriger.

In this bestselling sequel to New York Times bestselling Etiquette & Espionage, class is back in session with more petticoats and poison, tea trays and treason. Gail’s distinctive voice, signature humor, and lush steampunk setting are sure to be the height of fashion this season.

My Thoughts on the first half:

My thoughts on the first chapter:
Like the first two books, Waistcoats and Weaponry opens with Sophronia getting herself into a hilarious disaster.  The first chapter reintroduced all the characters, their personalities, and set up the tone for the rest of the book. 

My thoughts about the characters
I was surprised to see Professor Braithwope out and about, even if it was with a flowerpot on his head.  I was also surprised that we didn’t see him at all after the first chapter.  I’m not sure what to think of the characters yet.  They’ve all grown up quite a bit since the last book and things are more serious.  The stakes are higher and the characters are acting accordingly.

My thoughts about the plot
My favorite book so far!  The plot is lacking nothing.  It is fast paced and completely unpredictable.  I absolutely love where chapter 8 left off!  I can’t wait to read the rest of the book and see what’s going to happen.

My least favorite part, so far (if any)
The werewolf disaster was a bit confusing to me.  I realize that is partly because it was confusing to Sophronia, and we are limited to her persepective, but I still wish I understood the pack structure better.

My favorite part so far
The ball! I loved Soap in his costume, the secret engagement, and the way everything went haywire at the end.  I loved Sophronia’s mother and the way she was scandalized at almost everything.  The other part I loved was the lesson on seduction!  I was laughing (and blushing) as Lady Linette was trying to teach the girls some things, without teaching them everything.

Favorite quotes

“His fangs were extended, causing him to lisp slightly, and he punctuated his quadrille with a maniacal laugh that, if inscribed for posterity, might have been written as ‘Mua ha ha.'” (Location 74)

“She flirted shamelessly with Pillover, who told her to stop it in tones of such abject misery she almost pitied him.” (Location 1194)

“‘We have been members since King Henry’s day. Or should I say night? My, but he was fat. And no pickle should relish that sandwich!’ He finished there, arms wide.” (Location 95)

Predictions for the second half?
I think that things are going to be even more action packed and explosive than in the last book.  I think we are going to finally learn about the werewolves, and I think that things with Felix and Soap might reach a boiling point (but I’m not positive on that). 

Final thoughts
I love this cover!  I think it’s my favorite one so far.  I also love the bladed fans the girls learn to use in this book. Preshea is perfectly awful and I can’t help but wonder if she will show up in the second half.  

This book is more mature than the last two.  It has more innuendo and suggestive humor.  The characters have grown up quite a bit and their thoughts and actions reflect that.  They are more serious and have deeper emotions.

I’m still wondering if there are any true bad guys in this series.  I am also wildly curious about the Picklemen.  Who are they exactly?  And why do they dislike supernaturals so much?

Your turn!  What do you think of the book so far? Make sure you enter the giveaway too!

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    Tressa S
    November 24, 2014 at 4:07 am

    Oooh. Yes, I like what you brought up about Prof Braithwope, the werewolves, and about the Picklemen. Those are all things I also want to know more about. This one has been so fun! I can't believe we're in the final week!!

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