Weekly Update (9/8/14): What I’m Reading Now


My baby started preschool last week!  I can’t believe she’s old enough to leave me.  I don’t think she can believe it either.  🙂

I’ve been reading a lot of early chapter books lately.  They are pretty fun and I can usually get through several in a day.  My kids have been enjoying all the books too.  We went to the library and brought home far more than we could ever read.  My four year old was checking out a stack of chapter books while I was looking on the hold shelf behind her.  An elderly woman saw her with this enormous stack of books and asked her how on earth she would be able to read all those in a week.  I didn’t bother to explain that she is only four and just started preschool and can’t read yet.

What I read the last week:

What I’m currently reading:

You are probably wondering why I’ve had the same three books in my “currently reading” pile for the past several weeks.  The truth is that I haven’t had the chance to read any further in any of them.  Hopefully this week will change that and I’ll be able to start whittling down my TBR pile once again.

What I plan to read next:

This pile hasn’t changed much.  I have more books than I know what to do with right now, so these may change, or they may stay the same, depending on how fast I read, what mood I’m in, etc. 

What are you reading?

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