Weekly Update (9/29/14): What I’m Reading Now


I didn’t get as much reading done last week as I’d hoped to.  My kid got sick and that was that.  I also updated my Review Policy.  But I did manage to squeeze some reading time in.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

What I read last week:

All of these were good books, for obviously different reasons.  I love Jessica Day George.  She writes some of the best books out there. My daughter loved Eerie Elementary.  It was a good read to get into the Halloween spirit. 

What I’m currently reading:

I’m almost finished with Doon.  It’s been okay, nothing to write home about, but okay. I’m half way through Atlantis Rising, and it’s gotten kind of slow.  Foundations in Comic Book Art is a great primer for artists and I’ve been enjoying reading it.  I’m reading Kid Presdients to my girls and they love it.  My first grader asks for another chapter every night. 

What I plan to read next:

I just have a few books left on my September TBR list.  I won’t get them all finished before the end of the month (in 2 days), so whatever I don’t finish will carry over into October.


What are you reading?

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