Mini Review of Kiss in the Dark by Marcia Lynn McClure


Kiss in the Dark by Marcia Lynn McClure

Age Range: Adult (appropriate for teens, too)

Series: None

Genre: Contemporary romance

Print Length: 250 pages
Publisher: Distractions Ink (December 31, 2010)

Source: Bought

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

About the Book:


“Boston ,” he mumbled.

“I mean… Logan …he’s like the man of my dreams! Why would I blow it? What if…” Boston continued to babble.

“ Boston ,” he said. The commanding sound of his voice caused Boston to cease in her prattling and look to him.

“What?” she asked, somewhat grateful he’d interrupted her panic attack.

He frowned and shook his head.

“Shut up,” he said. “You’re all worked up about nothing.” He
reached out, slipping one hand beneath her hair to the back of her neck.

Boston was so startled by his touch, she couldn’t speak—she
could only stare up into his mesmerizing green eyes. His hand was strong
and warm, powerful and reassuring.

“If it freaks you out so much…just kiss in the dark,” he said.

Boston watched as Vance put the heel of his free hand to the light switch. In an instant the room went black.

About the Author:

Marcia Lynn McClure’s intoxicating succession of novels, novellas, and
e-books–including The Visions of Ransom Lake, A Crimson Frost, The
Pirate Ruse, and Kissing Cousins–has established her as one of the most
favored and engaging authors of true romance. Her unprecedented forte
in weaving captivating stories of western, medieval, regency, and
contemporary amour void of brusque intimacy has earned her the title
“The Queen of Kissing.”

Marcia, who was born in Albuquerque, New
Mexico, has spent her life intrigued with people, history, love, and
romance. A wife, mother, grandmother, family historian, poet, and
author, Marcia Lynn McClure spins her tales of splendor for the sake of
offering respite through the beauty, mirth, and delight of a worthwhile
and wonderful story. 

My Thoughts:

It wasn’t my favorite Marcia Lynn McLure book, but it was still
entertaining. It was a lighthearted, clean romance with deeper issues
that were lightly touched on. It was heavy on character development and
the sense of friendship/family and happiness that exist in all MLM
books. There wasn’t as much kissing as some of her other books, but it
was a satisfying, clean romance.

Content: Some innuendo and mild cursing.


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