Friday Favorites #23: Illustrator Spotlight on Alexander Jansson


Today I’m featuring Alexander Jansson!

I’m really excited to share this illustrator with you today!  His artwork is dark, whimsical, and imaginative.  It’s beautiful in a creepy sort of way.  In case you are wondering about these Friday Favorites posts, Tressa from Wishful Endings hosts this meme every Friday and I use it to highlight some of my favorite illustrators.

Alexander’s Art:

I love Alexander’s artwork!  There is so much going on in each piece.  And look at the texture!

About Alexander Jansson:

Alexander Jansson is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and animator from Gothenburg, Sweden. He has been educated in the fine arts at the New Domen School of art in Gothenburg and 2d/3d animation at the Steneby School of Design and Craft. His whimsical and imaginative style is a mixture of traditional and digital mediums such as paintings, photography, drawings and 3d objects.

Alexander has created book jackets and interior art for Random House, Scholastic, Bloomsbury, Clarion, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Penguin, Pearson and Roaring Brook and also been commissioned by the likes of The New York City Ballet, Disney and Weekly Reader

Books with Alexander Jansson’s Art:

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