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Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body by Sarah O’Leary Burningham and Alli Arnold (Illustrations)

Age Range: 8 – 12 years

Grade Level: 3 – 7

Paperback: 136 pages

Publisher: Chronicle Books (November 26, 2013)

Genre: Non-fiction/growing up/puberty

Source: Little Bird Publicity for review

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

About the Book:

Being a girl isn’t always easy, and growing up is far from a walk in the park. This time of transition is particularly confusing without a confidante to help. Meet Sarah O’Leary Burningham, a real-life big sister here to coach preteens through all of life’s big moments, from first bras to first periods. Filled with letters and testimonials from real girls—as well as confidence-boosting advice and myth-busting sidebars—this fun, accessible, and highly visual book is a must-have for every girl navigating her way through the preteen years.

5 Steps to a Lifetime of Healthy Skin

Sarah Burningham, author of Girl To Girl:
Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body

Skin care and acne were one of the topics that came up a lot when I was researching Girl to Girl so I put together 5 easy tips that will help every girl take better care of her skin.


1. Wash Your Face. Use a gentle cleanser and be sure to wash your face every night. Bacteria found in dirt and oil build up over the day and that’s what causes acne so washing your face at night


2. But Not Too Much. Some girls think they have to constantly wash oil off their faces but your skin needs some oil and over-washing can strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to be healthy.

3. Don’t Stress About a Little Acne. Almost everyone gets acne or pimples sometimes so just keep washing your face and try not to focus on it.

4. But if the Acne Gets Bad, a Doctor Can Help. If you get acne that’s painful or leaves scars, you might want to see a dermatologist who can help figure out a treatment that’s best for your skin.

5. And No Matter What, No Picking! It can be tempting but picking can make acne worse and even leave a scar so resist the urge to pick!

About the Author:

Sarah O’Leary Burningham is the author of Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body, Boyology: A Teen Girl’s Crash Course in All Things Boy and How to Raise Your Parents: A Teen Girl’s Survival Guide, all published by Chronicle Books.

She has been interviewed about tween and teen issues by numerous national media and news outlets, including the Today Show, ABC News, CBS News, FOX News, NPR, Newsweek, Teen Vogue, the Los Angeles Times, and Oprah Radio, among others. She wrote an advice column for the ABC Family Network for 2 years and is represented by the HarperCollins Speakers Bureau. She’s spoken at schools, libraries, parent groups, and teen book clubs around the country. With three younger sisters (and a little brother) she has a lot of experience coaching girls though growing up.

A teenager at heart, Sarah loves reading, red lipstick, and travel, and still enjoys stealing her sisters’ clothes. She lives in Queens, New York, with her husband and daughter.

My Thoughts:

This is precisely the kind of book that I wish I’d had when I was a girl. The author covers pretty much everything—from braces to bras. She offers sound, upbeat advice and helps kids understand that they aren’t alone. So often, puberty is an awkward, embarrassing phase that kids can’t wait to finish with. So many things are changing and it can be very confusing or overwhelming. Girl to Girl helps take the mystery out of those things.

This is a book that parents should read with their kids. It discusses hygiene, hair and nail care, as well as how to properly insert a tampon and how breasts develop. There are illustrations, and while they are not photorealistic (they are by the same artist that did the cover art), they accurately depict everything. The book does NOT discuss sex. Parents may want to go through the book with their daughters in case there are questions or concerns that come up.

The book is written in a reassuring, conversational tone and is accompanied by illustrations on every page. The advice is upbeat and optimistic. This book promotes a healthy body image and good self esteem while educating girls about the changes happening during puberty.

Content: See paragraph 2

Source: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


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