App Review for Caillou: My First Play from iRead With


About the App:

Discover this innovative, shared reading experience engaging both child and parent. iRead With is a top learning and educational method for kids in preschool to foster language development.

There’s a special event at Caillou’s day care. Leo, Clementine and Caillou are getting ready to be in a play. They enjoy dressing up and rehearsing but they appreciate it even more when their parents come to see the show. Vividly illustrated, this compelling story offers an inside look at the jitters and the thrills of a first-time performance. Read along, follow the prompts and a special treat, find the Dinosaur that shows up unexpected in every page!

Based on the hit PBS KIDS TV series, this animated story is part of iRead With, a new read-aloud program created to foster language development and help preschoolers get ready to read.

iRead With animated stories invite parents to read to their child and are designed to make children talk and participate in the shared reading activity.

Parents follow a prompting system that encourages them to start a conversation with the child, by asking questions about the story and the world around us. Children become actively involved in the narrative and get stimulated in a multi-sensory level.

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My Thoughts:

This is another quality book app from iRead With. I really like these
apps. They are well done and my kids love them. The feature that let’s
you animate your own story is also really fun for my kids to experiment
with.  The story is cute and engaging.  It’s a great way to spend a few minutes with my kids.

This book is about Caillou’s first play. My oldest daughter recently
participated in her first play, so she really liked this app.  The
animations are simple enough to enhance the story without detracting
from it. It’s an app I can feel good about letting my kids use.

If your child likes Caillou, they’ll love this app.

Source: I received a copy of this app from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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