Weekly Update: My Past, Present, and Future Reads


Last week was full of yard work.  Spring decided to stick around, so we started working on our mud pit we pretend is a backyard.  Other than growing lots of muscles with all the digging and wheelbarrowing I’ve done, here’s what’s I’ve been up to.

What I read last week:

It looks like I was a reading machine last week, but I wasn’t.  Moonblood and The Sittin’ Up are two books that I’ve been working on for weeks and just happened to finish them now.  Jack the Castaway is a really short book, and My Name is Bob is a picture book.  Ice Dogs is fantastic!  I can’t wait to share my review of that book with you.  The Battle of Darcy Lane surprised me (in a good way) by how much I liked it. 

What I’m currently reading:

I’m almost finished The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw.  Part of me doesn’t want to finish it because then the series is over.  I was thinking about buying all three books in hardcover so that I can have them forever.  Then, any time I need a pick-me-up, I can read one and laugh ’til the cows come home.

My daughter and I are still working on The Ostrich Conspiracy (Platypus Police Squad #2).  We are about 75% of the way through it and she is still loving it.  She’s disappointed that there isn’t another book out yet.  I had to explain that it takes a long time for authors to write and illustrate books, and that technically, this book isn’t out yet either.  I’m half way done with Glamorous Illusions and I am loving it!  It’s different from other historical fiction books and it’s really well written.  I just started Lost & Found, but so far, so good.

What I hope to read this week:

I’m still hoping to read The Center of Everything before I have to take it back to the library.  It’s a short book.  You’d think I would be able to squeeze it in somewhere, but I’ve had it for a month and haven’t found the time yet. 

I have been working on Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Tales of Goldstone Wood series (Heartless, Veiled Rose, Moonblood) over the past several weeks and I finally caught up to where I need to be in order to read Shadow Hand.  I’m really biting the bit to get started, especially after how much I loved Moonblood.    

I’m participating in the blog tour for Meant to be Mine in May.  Because I don’t work well under pressure, I usually read tour books well in advance.  It’s not because I’m organized.  It’s because I don’t like panicking, which I’m guaranteed to do if I don’t read them early.  I’m also interested in how Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things is going to turn out.  I’ve had it on my TBR for a LONG time, so I’m happy to start reading it this week.

One week left until my brother comes to visit!  

What are you reading now?

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    Tressa S
    April 14, 2014 at 4:55 pm

    I'm looking forward to see what you think of Moonblood and Darcy Lane. Glamorous Illusions has been on my tbr for FOREVER and I've been meaning to read the whole series because I have heard really great things about it. We have the second Hero's Guide, but I need to get the first and then this third book. I hope you love Meant to Be Mine! I'm really looking forward to reading it!

    • Reply
      April 15, 2014 at 12:26 am

      Moonblood was SO good! It has definitely been my favorite in the series so far. Darcy Lane was good too, but there was some content in it that surprised me since it's a middle grade book. I finished Glamorous Illusions yesterday and I loved it! It was really good. I can't wait to continue with the series. I just started Meant to be Mine, and it's so cute! I love Becky Wade.

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