Take Control of Your TBR Pile Wrap Up


I fell off the wagon last week, and I only climbed partially back on this week.  The challenge is over now, but I’m still working on eliminating my TBR pile.  I’m going to keep updating my list each week because it makes me take stock of what I have read and what I have left.

What I read in March:

Goal: 18 TBR books
Challenge Read: 14 TBR books
Non-Challenge Books Read: 4 books
DNF: 1 book (Out of Nowhere)

I was able to put a nice dent in my TBR pile, but I still have a long way to go before it’s completely eliminated.  So, in keeping with my mission to eliminate the TBR pile, here is what’s going on this week:

What I’m currently reading:


What I hope to read this week:

Very blue and black color scheme this week. I’m about 65% finished with Moonblood, and just like Heartless and Veiled Rose before it, I’m loving the book.  It’s a much longer book than most of my other reads, but it’s totally worth it.  I just have to go after like I’m eating an elephant.  One bite at a time.

You’ll notice Rose and the Lost Princess in my sidebar along with Fractured Truth.  Those are both blog tour books that I have been looking forward to FOREVER.  I thought March would kill me because I had both books but wanted to work on the challenge.  So I’m excited to read those.  The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw will be coming out in May.  I absolutely loved the first two books in the series and I’m looking forward to starting this one.  It’s over 500 pages long, though, so I probably won’t finish it all this week.

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Lastly but not leastly—did you notice my lovely sponsors on the very top of the sidebar?  I’ve read both The Gifted and My Yellow Umbrella and really liked both of them.  First Term at Trebizon is a well loved English story from Straw Hat Publishers.  I’ve read other books from this publisher and liked them. 

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