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The Jamie Baker series was my first foray into the fantastic world of Kelly Oram books, but it definitely won’t be my last!  The books were fun, exciting, and had some very swoon worthy moments! The best part of these books is the humor.  I laughed out loud all the way through both books while my husband kept sending me sideways glances and asking what was wrong with me.

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Book Trailer:

Meet My Version of Ryan:

<< This is what I imagine Ryan Miller looks like.  Doesn’t this model look super carefree and optimistic?

I was going to find an actor to cast as Ryan Miller, but since I haven’t kept up on teenage boy actors since I was a teenage girl, I didn’t know of any that would play the part well.  So I borrowed this guy’s image from


Why I Love Ryan Miller: 

1.   Ryan Miller is one of those characters that is SO easy to fall in love with.  He doesn’t take no for an answer, and he is eternally optimistic.  His perpetual optimism is what I love the most about him.  He is positive and self-confident almost to a fault. 

…I knew I was in trouble this time because his face lit up as we walked through the door.  I guess making out with him changed the rules somehow and made it acceptable for him to say hi to me, because he gave me such a cheerful “Hey, Jamie!” that it actually startled my parents.

He flashed me that stupid, charming, boyish grin of his, and I glared back, but my mother practically swooned.  Before she could ask, Ryan held out his hand and said, “Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Baker.  I’m Jamie’s friend Ryan.  It’s really nice to meet you.”

So we’re friends now?  One random kiss and a rejected date make us friends?  I wanted to argue the point, but he didn’t appear to be sarcastic at all…

2.  He loves everything about Jamie and is always willing to be her test subject.  I love the way he never gives up on her, even when it would be better for his health.

I was startled by a horrible coughing fit.  It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard.  “Are you okay?” I asked, tears returning to my eyes. “Oh Ryan, I’m so sorry!”

Ryan pulled himself up. As soon as he had his wits about him his eyes focused on me.  I was so sure I’d finally pushed him over the edge, freaked him out beyond repair.  I was convinced that he’d run away screaming and never speak to me again.  I was also convinced that that wasn’t such a bad idea, but Ryan surprised me.  The corners of his mouth slowly crept upward and he said, “That. Was. Awesome!”

His voice was a little gruff, but I could still hear the unmistakable excitement.  The jolt had clearly friend his brain. “What?”

“Let’s do it again!”

3.  On top of everything else, he is sweet, and good to the core.  He is the perfect balance for Jamie.  I love their banter!

“…all of this was my fault,” Ryan explained.  With a little too much amusement if you ask me. “For making you fall in love with me and ruining everything.”

“Why did that ruin everything?”

Ryan was quiet for a moment, and I couldn’t believe it when his grin changed into that infamous cocky smirk. “You just said you love me!” he accused with excitement.

*Quotes were taken from Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram.*

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    candela izzo
    July 18, 2014 at 2:29 am

    Except for the way you imagine Ryan (physically: as in the picture), this is how I see it: optimistic, good person, carefree, .. it is so balanced his relationship with Jamie, they are complementary and teach mutually !. It's so fresh and spontaneous, but above all, he love Jamie, and nothing stops he. He really love her. I think that's one of the laudable things that Ryan has. It's almost ALMOST perfect. But come on! we will not enlarge his ego!. haha!.

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