Friday Favorites #13: Illustrator Spotlight on Dan Burr


Tressa over at Tressa’s Wishful Endings
hosts this meme, Friday Favorites.  I use this opportunity to highlight and feature some of my favorite illustrators.

Today I am spotlighting an illustrator that I have loved and admired for a long time: Dan Burr.

I’m not usually drawn to the highly detailed and tightly rendered types of illustrations, but I can’t help but love Dan Burr’s work. Even though there are tons of details, he still manages to capture mood and atmosphere.  His characters have expression and personality, which is difficult to do when you work in a really tightly rendered style.

About Dan Burr:

Following in the footsteps of my father, I learned at an early age to love watching fish rise to dry flies in the streams and rivers of the west. Spending countless hours at my fathers easel, watching him paint fostered what would become a natural progression to my career as an illustrator of the world I love so much.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Utah State University, Patti and I moved to Connecticut where I would go on to pursue my career in illustration in New York City. After five years in the “Big City”, the lure of home moved us back to the West.

Settling in the Teton Valley of Idaho, we are surrounded by the great fishing rivers and streams that inspired my father and grandfather to love this part of the country so much.

“I love to paint. making a picture for me is magical, whether I’m painting a fisherman in his favorite stream or a small child reading about pirates digging for treasure, it doesn’t matter to me , it’s all about making a good picture. Painting is what I do it comes as natural to me as walking, I suppose thats because it ‘s been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Im grateful for the ability to paint , and create images that mean something to the viewer.”

Patti and I live in Tetonia Idaho with our two great kids, where we can explore and enjoy the world around us, and of course paint some of it as well.

I recently earned my Masters Degree in illustration from Syracuse University ISDP program. I teach illustration classes part time at BYU-Idaho.

Isn’t this gorgeous? 

I love this raven.  I think this is my favorite illustration by Dan Burr.  That bird looks like it’s ready to take someone out.

Books by or with Art by Dan Burr:


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