Two Great eBook Deals Today!


There are two amazing books on sale right now for your Kindle.  These are both middle grade novels, and both are only $1.99!

Odette’s Secrets by Maryann MacDonald
For Jews in Nazi-occupied Paris, every day brings new dangers. So when
Odette’s father is thrown into a work camp and the Nazis suspect her
mother of helping the Resistance, Odette is sent to the French
countryside until it is safe to return. On the surface, Odette leads the
life of a regular girl, going to school, doing chores, even attending
Catholic masses with other children. But inside, she is burning with
secrets for the life she left behind, and the identity she must hide at
all costs. Yet when the war ends, the cost of keeping secrets takes an
unexpected toll: can Odette return to Paris as a Jew, or has she changed
too much? Inspired by the life of the real Odette Meyer, this moving
free-verse novel is a story of triumph over adversity.

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$2.99 at Amazon

Wonder Light: Unicorns of the Mist by R.R. Russell
Deep in the heart of a mist-shrouded island, an impossible secret is about to be discovered.

is used to feeling unwanted. Sent to live on a pony ranch for
“troubled” girls on a misty, haunted island, Twig is about to discover
the impossible–someone who needs her.

Jolted awake
from a bad dream, Twig follows the desperate whinny of a terrified horse
out to the stables. There in the straw is a bleating little scrap of
moonbeam. A silver-white filly with cloven hooves and a tiny, spiraling

A baby unicorn.

Twig knows what secret is hiding in the island’s mist: the last free
unicorn herd. And a mysterious boy named Ben who insists that this
impossible creature is now Twig’s to care for. That she needs Twig’s
love and protection. Because there’s something out there in the deep,
dense shadows that’s hunting for them…

$1.99 at Amazon

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