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The Imagibles: Slips’
Slip Up

What enables us to forgive others? I’ve always wondered what made some people instantly forgive transgressions while other people could hold grudges until their last breathe. Children in particular demonstrate this fine line.  I wanted to create a book that dealt with this issue in a light hearted and fun way but could also initiate a discussion between the parents and the children about forgiveness. The Imagibles is part of a collection of books aimed at transitional readers between the ages of 6 to 8 who are going from reading picture books to full on chapter novels and as such address mature topics while still providing an entertaining experience.

In this book, the hero of the story is a young boy by the name of Alex. Alex is an only child and his parents are often gone, but he is kept company by his imaginary friend, Slips.

Slips is a giant hyperactive, well-meaning, chameleon and the two of them are always getting into mischief. Alex’s mother, fed up with her son playing with something she can’t see, arranges a play-date with Alex’s bully: Jeremy Piggins.

Jeremy has an imaginary friend of his own, a giant werewolf by the name of Snarl. However, Jeremy can’t see his former imaginary friend and poor Snarl has been left neglected.

Jeremy doesn’t see Snarl, but Alex does and Slips is completely terrified of him. Some things happen and, without giving too much away, Slips makes a mess of the whole situation. Now Alex has to figure out what to do with his friend, who isn’t even aware that he did anything wrong, and his parents who won’t accept that an imaginary chameleon caused the mess in the first place.

Imagibles contains other pet themes of mine such as acceptance, imagination, and inventive peaceful ways to solve issues. Imagination is a precious personal resource that far too many children, and adults for that matter, have lost touch with. Imaginary friends are in no small way a potent reminder of the potential of imagination and the untapped power that each one of us has to shape the world.

The Imagibles: Slips’ Slip Up is available exclusively for the Amazon Kindle.

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