Free Storypanda Books for Mother’s Day!


Storypanda has made six of their books available for FREE this weekend! They are only free through Sunday, so snag them now. All the books are available through the Storypanda book app.

 I got this from the Storypanda website:

We all know that homemade gifts are a mom favourite. And for Mother’s
Day this year we want to help you and your kids make the best homemade

With Storypanda’s books kids can swap in different characters, props,
backgrounds and text to write their own version of a story. This makes
for a one-of-a-kind story combination that moms will love.

It’s so easy,
even cats can do it!

We want to make sure every mom gets a created story this year so we
are discounting six of our book apps to free from Friday until Sunday.
Let your kids get creative crafting a silly story guaranteed to bring
out either some laughs or some oohing and aahing. :)

Start creating for free with these six books: Black Cat Big City, Mompers, Boy Who Cried Aliens, My Extraordinary Friend, Paul The Imaginary and Yawn Chairs.

Download the app, snag the books, and start creating.  It’s a lot of fun!

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