Book Spotlight: Granpa Guff, the Accidental Astronaut by G. Guff



Did you ever wonder what grandparents really got up to when they were younger?

Have you ever seen a Mexican Barking spider?

Do you know who the first man to walk on Mars was?

the answers to all of these questions along with why so many N.A.S.A
scientists are bald and just why American bridges are so strong, inside
this wonderful new book.

Granpa Guff, the accidental astronaut.

Warning: may contain rockets and scenes of a spidery nature.

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About G. Guff:

Oldest and grumpiest living resident of Guff County.

Due to a terrible fire at the courthouse, my birth certificate was lost, and nobody can attest to my rightful age.

In the past I have been a rocket ship rider and a pizza pie saboteur amongst many other things.

I remain however, a fond admirer of Santy Claus and his lovely wife.

The Reindeer on the other hand, well that’s another story.

Founder and President of the #RacconsOut movement.

Website | Twitter

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