Book Spotlight: The Caterpillar and the Stone by Erec Stebbins


Paperback: 44 pages
Publisher: Twice Pi Press (February 15, 2013)
Language: English


Once upon a time, in the middle of a beautiful garden, there lived a Caterpillar and a Stone, and they were very much in love. A fairy’s tale of love, loss, and beauty for not quite grown-ups. Presented as an illustrated, full-color love storybook. Narrated by the author in iBook format.

About the Author:

I’ve always loved the written
word, and after a hiatus of 20-so years (career, family) began to write
again. Unexpectedly, this led to the publication of a novel, The
Ragnarök Conspiracy. I have several other thrillers like it in the
works, as well as other genre fiction that I might seek to publish down
the road.
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I’m an associate professor and head of the Laboratory of
Structural Microbiology at the Rockefeller University in New York.
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