Book Review: Claude in the City, by Alex T. Smith


Claude in the City, by Alex T. Smith
In the first book in this adorable new early chapter book series, Claude and his best friend, Sir Bobblysock (who is both a sock and very bobbly), go to the city for the very first time. They have tea in a cafe, go shopping, and visit a museum. It’s a delightful but ordinary day, until Claude accidentally foils a robbery, then heals a whole waiting room full of patients.

Hardcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers (April 1, 2013)

My Thoughts:
What a funny little book!  I read this with my daughter and she laughed out loud several times throughout the story.  She loves Sir Bobblysock, and the way Claude takes people’s temperatures with a banana.

This is a super cute book that children will enjoy.  It is an early chapter book with color illustrations on almost every page.  It has 96 pages, but can easily be read within 10 minutes (by an adult).

I did have a concern with the crude jokes that are in the book.  One is a sculpture of a person’s nude bottom (which is completely inappropriate for a children’s book, in my opinion), and the other is the name of the doctor at the hospital.  Every time his name was mentioned, I changed it to “the doctor” instead. 

About the Author/Illustrator:

After briefly considering careers in space travel, cookery and being a rabbit, Alex finally decided to become an illustrator. In 2006 he graduated from Coventry University with a degree in Illustration and won second place in the Macmillan Prize for Children’s Illustration. For such a young newcomer, Alex has already achieved great things. His first fiction series – Claude – has been selected for the Richard and Judy Children’s Book Club 2011 and Bella and Monty recently won the Dundee Award. Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero (Scholastic) was the first picture book Alex illustrated and it won the Coventry Inspiration Award, and was long-listed for the Greenaway Medal in 2009. Alex was also shortlisted for The Best Emerging Illustrator by The Book Trust in 2008. He has since written and illustrated his own picture books including Egg, Bella and Monty and Home (Scholastic)

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