Book Review: Knights and Castles by Cassie Mayer


New from World Book! The Bright Connections Kids’ Learning Package is a set of eight books designed to make reading fun by utilizing a variety of topics that children love! This eight book set is fun and educational! Each paperback volume will excite young learners by focusing on a specific topic like gorillas, or knights and castles!  Fun reading books for kids ages 6 – 11!

I am really excited to feature these books today.  I received Hammerheads and More and Knights and Castles from Bright Connections Media – A World Book Encyclopedia Company in exchange for a review on the titles.  We mostly know World Book for their encyclopedias, but I am thrilled to know that they recently released this package of books for children.

Although I am reviewing individual books, the books are for sale as a package. Visit the Bright Connections Media website for more information and to purchase the books.


Book Description:  

Knights and Castles: It wasn’t only knights and castles – there were vassals living on their fiefs, nobles comfortable in their manor houses and peasants hard at work in the fields, too! Lower the drawbridge and take an amazing journey through medieval life!

Number of Books: 8
Grade Level: K-5

My Thoughts:
For the fan of medieval, this is a treasure trove of information. It is
smartly designed and organized with helpful photographs and descriptions. There in information on living conditions, job roles,
and break down of nobility hierarchy. Very interesting stuff!

If you have a child interested in the middle ages, knights, castles, or history, this is an excellent resource.  Cassie Mayer covers everything from leisure activities and clothing styles to Viking ships and the Crusade.  Being the
true history nerd I am, I stayed up late reading this book.  Honestly, I can’t get over how awesome this book is. 

*Sample Pages

If you are a librarian, parent, or teacher, you should consider purchasing this Learning Package from Bright Connections Media.  The books are educational, professional, and will provide your child with an enriching learning experience.  I was really impressed with this book!


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