Book Review: Princesses Don’t Get Fat, by Aya Ling


Princesses Don’t Get Fat, by Aya Ling
A fairy tale romance with a plus sized heroine and plenty of dessert.

Princess Valeria of Amaranta is fat, but she doesn’t care. All she wants is to eat a lot and lead an idle life. When it is apparent that she cannot get a husband, her mother decides to send her to the Royal Riviera Academy of Fighting Arts. For a chubby princess who has never picked up a sword, life at the Academy is akin to torture. Worst of all, the food is terrible.

When Valeria decides to improve Riviera cuisine by sneaking into the palace kitchens and giving orders, little does she know that the crown prince would take interest in her kitchen excursions. As they spend more time together, Valeria must decide whether she should become thin and attractive, or stay in the kitchens and remain fat.

Age Group: 12 and up
Print Length: 70 pages

My Thoughts:
Delicious, delightful, and delectable!  This contemporary fairy tale is a breath of fresh air.  Oh my goodness, I really can’t say in words how much I love this story.

If you are a fan of slim, kick-butt heroines that have steamy make-out sessions all while saving the world, then prepare for something quite different.  Valeria is plump, unambitious, and cheerful.  She has no desire to do anything other than take it easy and enjoy a good cream puff, or twenty.  She is aware of her dress size, since everyone is so intent on reminding her about it, yet she has no desire to change it.  She loves food.

It is so refreshing to read about a heroine that is an every-girl.  She has the beautiful imperfections that so many of us do, and she embraces herself for who she is.  She doesn’t let other people’s comments get to her.  Valeria is a heroine worth reading about.

I laughed out loud so many times during this book!  When Valeria smiles at Prince Ralph and she has chocolate stuck in her teeth and all he notices are how nice her dimples are.  When the shrinking spell wears off and she pops all the buttons on her dress.  When she falls out of the tree and Ralph tries to catch her and she ends up squishing him instead.  All the other girls are declaring themselves independent and going on adventures while she is content to lounge about with a croissant.

This book is such a delight.  It is full of humor, wit, and honest to goodness real people with real shortcomings and character.  It is very short, and very much worth the $2.99!

The Cover: Don’t you just love the cover?  The pink and green are a lovely combination, and it depicts the essence of the story very well.  Love it.  I also love the title design.

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    Adriana (BooksOnHerMind)
    February 6, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Haha! I would die of embarrassment if I had chocolate on my teeth when talking to a cute guy. This is kind of nicer than when I'm used to. Honestly do you see any reader going on a adventure or do you see us on the internet eating whatever we want? But, I rather see her going on an adventure than laying around. That's not very inspirational. She sounds hilarious anyways.

    • Reply
      February 6, 2013 at 8:17 pm

      That was the beauty of the story. She goes on an adventure, but ends up in the kitchens, eating. I just loved that she was confident in herself and didn't let other people's remarks bring her down.

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