Picture Book Review: The Twelve Cats of Christmas, by Kevin Whitlark


The Twelve Cats of Christmas, by Kevin Whitlark

It’s Christmas time and
all the cats are running amok! Festive Felines are clawing the couch,
feasting on furballs and more! A purrr-fectly funny take on the classic
ryhme. With fresh funny drawings, this interpretation of the classic
rhyme will have kids through nine pussycats playing, Seven Siamese
sailing and two tomcats twisting, right down to a fat mouse in a fur
tree. Try to count them all!


I bought this book for my kids through Scholastic Bookclubs.  I had no idea it was so old, but it was published back in 1970.  It didn’t seem to matter, though.  My kids absolutely love it.  It is silly and clever.  They sill along all the way up through Day 12 and then beg me to sing it again.  

It is exactly what it looks like, a rewrite of The 12 Days of Christmas.  I enjoyed the illustrations and thought they were pretty well done.  My kids enjoyed seeing the number of cats grow on each page.

Because it is so old, this book is not available on Amazon, but you can probably still find it at your library.


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