Book Review: How to Stop a Witch (The Journals of Myrth Book #3), by Bill Allen


Once again the kingdom
of Myrth is in danger, and once again a prophecy claims Greg will save
the day. Only this time, the prophecy also predicts Greg’s death. So
when he receives a letter telling him not to go to Myrth, he is all too
happy to stay home. But Greg knows prophecies cannot be denied. If it
has been foretold that he will lose his life, then he will surely do so,
and each minute he delays may cost the life of one of his friends.

time it is Witch Hazel Greg must face, and she holds the Amulet of
Tehrer, an artifact of unimaginable power that lets her bend the will of
dragons. Greg’s only hope of defeating her is to elicit help from a man
from the strange land of Gyrth and then travel to the Netherworld—not
the safest place for him to visit, since there, children’s body parts
draw a high price for use in spells of Dark Magic.

Greg has
already survived two trips to Myrth, but how can he be expected to
survive a third? According to the prophecy, he can’t.


The Journals of Myrth series would appeal to fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  Greg Hart joins the ranks of adventurous and brave young men out to save the world.  His magical world, that is.

Being the third book in the series, How to Stop a Witch is Greg’s third trip to the magical world of Myrth.  He is warned by his friends there NOT to come, but of course, he decides to go anyway, and is accidentally accompanied by his (girl)friend Kristen.  Once there, they endeavor on an adventure that will hopefully save the kingdom from an evil witch with a magical amulet and a dragon.

The adventure was quick paced, humorous, and all around fun to read.  The writing was engaging and perfect for the suggested age group.  There was action, suspense, and a little bit of romance that was tempered for pre-teens.  

My absolute favorite part of the story was the insurance salesmen.  When Greg and his friends have to travel through some dangerous parts of the kingdom, they are set upon by odd men in rumpled suits and briefcases.  They will gladly die for you, but once they are revived, then they expect payment – usually in the form of a few fingers, an ear, or an eye.  The entire problem(s) surrounding the salesmen adds humor and a new twist to a middle grade fantasy novel that I have not seen before.

The characters were fantastic.  I loved Greg, and his discomfort as the two girls fight for his attention.  He gallantly faces his demise, even though he would rather not.  The dragon slayers added more comic relief and Lucky was one of my favorite characters.  His optimism and “luck” were exceptional.  Mordred was completely unattached and rather funny in his blatant dislike for just about everyone.  

This series is perfect for anyone that enjoys adventure and fantasy with a lot of humor mixed in.  Just make sure you read the first two books before reading this one. How to Slay a Dragon #1, and How to Save a Kingdom #2.  For ages 10 and up.

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Print Length: 216 pages
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books (August 30, 2012)

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