YA Book Review: Slayers, by C.J. Hill


Dragons exist. They’re
ferocious. And they’re smart: Before they were killed off by
slayer-knights, they rendered a select group of eggs dormant, so their
offspring would survive. Only a handful of people know about this, let
alone believe it – these “Slayers” are descended from the original
knights, and are now a diverse group of teens that includes Tori, a
smart but spoiled senator’s daughter who didn’t sign up to save the

The dragon eggs have fallen into the wrong hands. The
Slayers must work together to stop the eggs from hatching. They will
fight; they will fall in love. But will they survive?


Dragons, superheroes, and evil villains.  What’s not to love? 

Every now and then I come across a young adult novel that I just love, and this happens to be one of them.  It was fun joyride through the imaginary modern world where dragons exist and can be controlled (somewhat) by dragon lords, and can only be slain by Slayers.  

The story was a lot of fun.  C.J. Hill (aka Janette Rallison) created an entertaining scenario where young superheroes go to Dragon Camp every summer for a month to train for the time when the dragons would inevitably be set loose on America.  Without the Slayers, the country/world would be doomed.  

Infused with humor, the story quickly unfolds as you follow Tori on her journey to discover and explore both her destiny as a Slayer and her new found abilities that come with the job.  The book itself was a good length, but I read through it pretty quickly.  Mostly because I was enjoying the story so much that I was dragging the book around the house with me while I chased after kids and cooked dinner.  The writing was clear, without any weird spots to leave you wondering what was happening.  The descriptions were easy to follow and gave a clear picture of everything that went on. 

One of the things that I love the most about this author is her ability to keep a story clean.  It had plenty of action, romance, and humor, all without giving me any reason to feel uncomfortable.  It was a book that I could happily hand to any teenager or recommend to my mom (which I will).  There was a small amount of kissing that happens, but it was very clean and age appropriate.

The humor was one of the best parts of this book.  I love when an author can infuse their story with funny situations and quirky comments and have it work with the rest of the plot.  

This is definitely a recommended book from me.  

The Cover: I can’t say that I am a big fan of the cover.  I like the colors and the text, but the actual illustration is too hard to see.  I am still not quite sure what it is.  I am guessing it’s supposed to be the dragon egg with an x-ray like view of the dragon inside, but I’m not really sure.  No matter, the book was still a winner.

Reading level: Ages 12 and up
File Size: 674 KB
Print Length: 385 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0312614144
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends; 1 edition (September 27, 2011)


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