Apptastic! Picture Book App Review: I Eat You, by Will Terry


A fun little story app where each fish eats the next one. As the fish
get bigger the lines get a little funnier until the final fish meets his


I Eat You! is a brand new release from author/illustrator Will Terry.  It is a hilarious story about fish being eaten by bigger fish, until the last one…

My favorite thing about this app is the illustrations.  Will Terry is a fantastic illustrator.  They are charming, adorable fish with personality.

The text is written in rhyming prose.  Some of the lines were a bit of a stretch, but overall, I enjoyed the writing and found it to be funny and entertaining.  My children especially enjoyed the way one fish would comment on how another fish had tasted.    

The animation was simple.  There was one button to push on each page and the animation would play itself out.  Since this is a book app intended for young children and preschoolers, I thought it was the perfect amount of animation for the age level.  They get to hear the words being read, then watch one fish sneak up on the other and gobble it up before swimming off the page.  It was enough to engage children without it becoming too game-like or movie-like.

Sounds and Narration:
Will Terry wrote, illustrated, and narrated this story book app.  While it was obvious to me that the reading was not done by a professional narrator, it was still entertaining and my children didn’t seem to care.  They enjoyed the different voices that he used for each fish and even tried to imitate their favorite ones.

Overall, I would give this app four stars.  While it is not perfect, it holds up very well against other story book apps available.  It has a fun story, great illustrations, and simple, entertaining animation. 

Where to Buy:

This story book app is available through the App Store for $1.99. 

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