Book Review: Lin Yi’s Lantern; A Moon Festival Tale, by Brenda Williams & Benjamin Lacombe (Illustrator)


Lin Yi is given money to buy items at the market for tonight’s Moon
Festival. If he bargains well, he can purchase a red rabbit lantern for
himself. But he must purchase everything on his mother’s list first!
This heart-warming story will resonate with both children and adults, as
they learn about the wonderful Chinese Moon Festival and the rewards
that come from putting others first. Set in China, this story offers an
opportunity to learn about Chinese customs through the accessible story
of a young boy who has his heart set on buying a lantern for the
festival. This book includes informative notes about life in rural China
and the Moon Festival, celebrated in October. Personal and Social
Development – Lin Yi faces a moral dilemma, and learns that doing the
right thing for its own sake is the best course of action, and that luck
may shine on those who act morally.


This sweet story carries a valuable message.  When Lin Yi is faced with a choice, he decides to do the right thing.  The story follows Lin Yi to the market where he does the shopping for his mother.  He tries very hard to bargain well, all the while keeping his eye on the red rabbit lantern that he wants to buy.  He has a couple of opportunities to disobey his mother, but chooses to follow his conscience.

Lin Yi’s Lantern is an interesting book on many different levels.  It was fun to learn about the Chinese holiday and their culture a little bit, and it was also nice to read a charming story about a boy who chooses to do what he knows is right.

The artwork is beautiful.  I love this illustrator’s style.  It is so unique and different, all while maintaining the beauty that I associate with the Chinese culture.  Allover a pretty good picture book.

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    Adriana (BooksOnHerMind)
    November 1, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Oh I love this! I love how unlike YA books children's books are so diverse and they give you a lesson that you can hold on to.
    I'm sure this artwork was beautiful!
    I also like how (usually) in a children's book when you do the right thing good thing's happen to you.
    She’s Got Books on Her Mind

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