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The Picky Little Witch

Mama Witch stirs up a
cauldron of special Halloween soup for her Picky Little Witch. From a
pinch of snail and salted rock to goblin tears and shower of soil, she
tosses in an assortment of ingredients in an attempt to please her Picky
Little Witch. After much coaxing, the tyke takes a bite and realizes
that it isn’t so bad. When the two fly off for trick or treating, Picky
Little Witch immediately sets her sights on such sweets as licorice
snakes, coconut cakes, and caramel dandy. After much resisting, Mama
Witch finally nibbles on a piece of candy and discovers that it is
really quite delicious Complete with a recipe for Halloween Soup and
humorous illustrations, this fun read addresses the subject of picky
eating. Parents and children alike will enjoy this treat.


 The illustrations in this book are beautifully rendered and entertaining.  The story itself is a fun tale about a little witch learning to try new foods.  She then teaches her mother to also try new foods.  It is a cute story that most kids would enjoy.  

I didn’t like how the new “food” that the Picky Little Witch wants her mother to eat is chocolate.  With so many people having health problems, I don’t think we need any encouragement to eat chocolate.  

Other than that, I liked the book.  The writing is fun and lyrical, with bits of rhyme tossed in.  The ingredients that go into the brew are quirky, gross, and funny.  Children will get a kick out of the witches’ food.

Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Pelican Publishing (July 7, 2011)

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