Book Review: Babies on the Go, by Debby Slier


Everywhere you look, babies are on the go! They are unstoppable!
Exploring their world and everything in it whether in a stroller, a car
seat, riding on dad’s lap, taking a walk with mom, on a bike, a horse,
in a boat , or in a shopping cart. Babies On the Go will introduce
little explorers to all the ways they can get around to discover the
day-to-day wonders of their world!


This is another Net Galley review.  This board book has not been released yet, but is available for pre-order from Amazon and B&N.

I wasn’t able to see the photographs for this book, but I can comment on the writing.  Like most good board books, it was written in simple, straight forward sentences.  It was cohesive in the way every page talked about the different ways babies can travel around and the things they experience.

It wasn’t the type of book that I would personally buy, however.  I can’t really describe why I didn’t like this book as much as other ones, but than the theme didn’t come across as very interesting.  Maybe it’s because I have girls and this seems more like a “boy” theme.

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